Turn your smartphone or your tablet into a 3D holographic display

With our fabulous holographics pyramid!

Discover an innovative technology that transform your smartphone or your tablet into a holographic system, watch 3D videos and stun your entourage!

Easy to use

Your 3D Holographic Kit is ready in 5 seconds!

Tip: Use an 9.7 inches screen like an iPad can increase the hologram size by 3!

Remove the protection

Fold the pyramid

Fit the pyramid, it’s over!

Holographic pyramid layout
Hos to use holograms on your smartphone

Tips : Adjust the brightness of your device to the maximum and be sure that the video you are watching is in fullscreen mode.

Explore a galaxy of contents!

Hundreds holographic experiences are waiting to surprise and entertain you…

Holographic Solar System
Happy New Year 2020
Xmas Party
Magic Christmas
Santa Toon
Happy Hanoucca
Trick or Treat ?
Worldcup of Football 2018
Happy Easter
Dodo Unicorn
Magic Fairy
I Love You
From Paris with Love
Magic Card
High Voltage
Hologram Flame
Happy Birthday
3D Earth Globe
Love Diamond
Sound Equalizer

Corporate Holograms

We can realize your project “holographic promotional” turnkey: business, museum, cabaret, cinema …

They trust us

Your holographic pyramid!

€9.90 only!